Payroll Slowing you Down....
Eby's can help

Payroll Services Offered

  • Payroll processing, all types of businesses, all types of pay periods and formats, including commissions.
  • FMEP and wage garnishee calculations and filing
    ROE preparation and filing
  • T4 generation and filing.
  • WCB preparation and filing.
  • Special benefits and deduction calculations.
  • Statutory Holiday hour calculations.
  • Source Deductions calculations and filing.
  • Record-keeping and storage.
  • Communicating with the government as required regarding ROE checks, payroll and EI Audits, etc.

We can take over a pre-existing payroll, or we can help you register your business for payroll with the government.

Once your company and employees are set up in our system, all you do is provide your completed timesheet and any changes in employee information. We will process your payroll and can send it to you by fax or email, or leave it for physical pick-up at our reception area. We can also set up your employees for direct deposit of their pay, please ask for further details.

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